I'm Back

It's been a hectic 2 weeks or so all this election stuff is tearing my ass up and it's great. The weather in the city has been okay lately and the garden is doing great. I've recently made friends with some people online going under the moniker of superstructers who are brainstorming to solve all these problems. With that I've spoken with the senator about her ideas and thoughts on it and have talked to some local officials and community organizers as well. We'll see how it all goes but I have a good feeling about this. I'll blog as things change but right now I need to check my tomatoes.



So, I'm nearly forty since yesterday was my birthday...gee gods were did all those years go. Oh well the day was rather uneventful as it was just me and the girlfriend on the roof enjoying a nice lil dinner and watching the city. Even though things aren't what she could be here all crap aside this city's still got my heart. That could change if any of that Red's or whatever they're calling it starts creeping it's ugly coughing head up here. Anyhow, everything's going rather good and the lil rooftop garden is now a fortress of green awesomeness. I need to get off soon need to limit my electrical use for some others plus I'm gonna go out and do some walking.



It feels like eternity since last week, I'm sitting here eating whatever was leftover from yesterday which wasn't that great anyhow. Well, the sh*ts hit the proverbial fan since that damned computer made that prediction you'd think people thought we only have a year. Here in Chicago people have gone nuts, the food riots of 4 summers ago are nothing compared to Friday. I was out early to do my daily run or as it's become lately my trot through the ever increasing homeless of the Loop, well I hear sirens and that ain't nothing new but than things got heady. Seems like some folks on the upper north side thought they'd bring the end early and well a couple people are dead and the biodeisel refinery well thats a thing of the past now and the riots well those are finally calming down or becoming less dangerous. And to makes matters worse due to the ever increasing influx of people to this fair city well I have new roommates, as if 5 in this 3 bedroom wasn't enough now there's 8. Well, I should've moved down south like my family but gosh damned there's something still about this city....haaa yea used to be something about this city about 7 years ago when I first moved here. Now the lakes drying up and and thanks to those idiots the cities on crackdown, the military (or whats left of it after the last 10 years war in were ever the hell it is) has me and this fair city on lock-down. Being that I've got some pull in places and theres some semblance of calm now well I can go out after dark which would be stupid but when your working to help out the people and the city run well sometimes you do.
But at least we've got food and a working government out west and in South America it's another ballgame. Waters freaking gold out west, and with the mega cities in California and the fires there it's...it's well, it's hell. Thank god my family got outta there before things started to get bad, but still I can't watch the news anymore but the girlfriend well she likes to watch it. South America is well somewhere you just don't go it's..it's well no mans land as they say. Mexico City is a fortress and for lack of a better word a safe city and whoever is in charge in the rest are just the last to take over power. The rest of the of the world is well in a different stages of decline or overpopulation, the cities are always growing just like the heat keeps rising. Since the 23rd things have gotten interesting I knew before than that the world wasn't what it was 10 hell it wasn't what it was 5 years ago but now I don't know. Maybe those bastards on Friday were on to something and oh last nights leftovers are still crap.


Damn thing bit me!

So was out today in the markets and saw a funny poster from bout 10 years back only it isn't so funny anymore since most of our foods are all genetically modified. None of my foods bite me but sometimes I wonder with the funny colors and stuff that some of these fruits and veggies or what they want us to call them now.


So, it's the 11th and about 130 in the morning. Can't sleep much lately since theres been word that the GAES computer is coming out with some result or something on the 23rd. God knows what this means but I'm not to optimistic. I guess I'll just eat my labortory created meat substitute or what used to be called steak, can't get used to this greyish color tinge and the taste never seems right. And for my side I've got some veggies that we grew on the apartment rooftop in our communal greenhouse and for my drink we've got my own lovely wheat-ale all from the roof. I do have to say that things haven't been good in this city for a while the population is huge and it's hotter than ever but with the people here in this little onclave and my girl at my side I really can't complain. Ohh, I am gonna write every couple a days till the 23rd and most likely afterward so check back here if you like to hear me babble.